BOG Members

  • President
  • Mr. K K Mitra
  • President Elect.
  • Mr. Priyank S. Garg
  • Imm. Past President.
  • Dr. Rajinder Singh
  • Vice President
  • Mr. Indrajit Bhattacharya
  • Secretary
  • Mr. Dharmendra Rathore
  • Treasurer
  • Mr. Uma Singh Jadon
  • BOG Member
  • Dr. Varun Jain
  • BOG Member
  • Mr. Abid Husain
  • BOG Member
  • Mr.Sunil Bajaj
  • BOG Member
  • Mr.Kanagraj Ganesan
  • BOG Member
  • Mr. Manoj Chakravorti
  • BOG Member
  • Mr. Pankaj Sareen
  • BOG Member
  • Mr. Subhasish Dasgupta
  • BOG Member
  • Mr. S.S.Gangwar
  • BOG Member
  • Mr. Ashu Gupta
  • BOG Member
  • Mr.Raju Bhat

News & Events

Jan 16, 2017 - Seminar on ‘Sustainable and Energy Efficient Building’ Poornima College, Jaipur

24/25th Feb, 2017 – Pracrititech

7th July, 2017 – AGM

8th Sept., 2017 – AIC TECH

10-11th Nov., 2017 – ASHRAE Developing Economies Conference.

The Annual General Meeting and installation ceremony of the new BOG (2016-2017) on 8th July, 2016 from 6.30 PM onwards at The Theatre, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi - 110003

A full day Technical Workshop on ‘UNDERSTANDING REFRIGERANTS’ on 16th July, 2016 (10AM to 4.30PM) at India Habitat Center, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.

AIC -Tech 2015

Register Now >> ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer Jim Coogan for a seminar .
Space Pressurization : Critical spaces such as Healthcare facilities, Clean Rooms , Pharmaceutical and Laboratories’
Venue : The Theatre, India Habitat Centre. Lodhi Road, New Delhi from 3PM to 7PM .
29th August, 2014 29th August, 2014

Workshop on “Oversized Air-Conditioning Systems and Overcooled Buildings in Hot & Humid Climates” & “Ventilation, IAQ and Energy Issues in Hot Humid Climates – Past, Present and Future” Ashrae Distinguished Lecturer by Dr Chandra Sekhar 18th June, 2014

Ashrae Night 28th June - 2014

AIC AGM & Installation 11th July - 2014

AIC TECH -2014 12th September -2014

Thapar Student Chapter visits in Rail Coach factory, Kapurthala 26th April-2014

Mr. Victor W. Goldschmidt , Ashrae DL visits in student chapter (FET) Faridabad 11th April-2014

Workshop on 'Air Conditioning: A Look Into the Past & a Guess into the Future' by Mr. ASHRAE , Distinguished Lecturer Mr. Victor W. Goldschmidt, Ph.D 11th April, 2014

Workshop on 'Air Conditioning: A Look Into the Past & a Guess into the Future' by Mr. ASHRAE , Distinguished Lecturer Mr. Victor W. Goldschmidt, Ph.D 11th April, 2014

Specialized Filtration Required For Museums’ by ASHRAE , Distinguished Lecturer Mr. Christopher O Muller 14th Feb., 2014

"Flow control technology" by Mr. Suresh Kumar, G M Sales & Services , Anergy Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

Workshop on, 'Hydronic Systems' & 'Flow Control Technology' by Mr. Suresh Kumar. 17th Jan., 2014

Technical workshop on, 'Applied Psychrometrics' by Mr. Rajinder Singh. 24th Jan., 2014

Technical workshop on, 'Automotive Airconditioning' by Mr. US Jadon. 1st Feb., 2014

AIC AGM & Installation 6th July 2013, Saturday

Workshop 24th August, 2013, Saturday

Technical Workshop on ‘Using Embedded Tube Radiant Cooling Systems to Maximize LEED Points’6th Sept., 2013

AIC TECH 2013 14th Sept., 2013

Chapter Regional Conference (CRC) for Region At Large (RAL) in Doha Qatar 26th-28th Sept., 2013

Technical Workshop on ‘ Under Floor Air Conditioning’ 5th Oct., 2013

Workshop 19th October, 2013, saturday

AIC Technical Workshop on 'Fire Smoke Mitigation and Management'- by Mr. Sandeep Goel on 19th Nov., 2013 19th Nov, 2013

Technical workshops on 07th Dec., 2013 07th Dec, 2013

Workshop on ‘Guide on Selection & Performance of Cooling Towers’ 17th Dec, 2013

DL Programme 21st December, 2013, Saturday

PracrutiTech 2014” at Conference Room 3, Phoolwari, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. 27th Feb, 2014

Call for paper fo AIC TECH 2014 12th Sep, 2014